I'm Sam. I'm a dad, life partner, friend, old home steward, mentor, designer, creative director, sign painter, music snob, reluctant tread-miller and all around throw-whatever-you-got-at-me, kinda dude.

I believe that in order for brands to thrive and create meaningful connections with their audience, they must find and live out their ultimate purpose. And if that purpose doesn't somehow involve making the world a better place, you best move on.

For the last 10 years I've had the pleasure of collaborating with other creative folks, as VP Creative Director at Small Army in Boston. I enjoy helping other people reach their full creative potential through design, art and meaning making.

I'm a pretty busy guy, but I'm sometimes available for creative consultations or the occasional hand lettering project. Or, if you think you have a cool project for me or Small Army, give me a shout. Thanks.

Additionally, I want to thank my constant collaborators everywhere, especially at Small Army. None of this work would exist without their hard work and talent.